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What a fantastic opportunity in the name of March Taylor to provide educational opportunities for the technicians working within the Collision Repair Industry! Simply look toward the heavens and know that March has a wide grin on his face; and we honor his memory and family as well.

The March Taylor Memorial Fund has been established to benefit collision repair technicians. The criteria for applying for educational grants is that qualifying individuals must have been employed within the collision industry for a minimum of two years, must be currently employed within the industry, and their employer must be a member of a local, state or national collision industry organization.

The March Taylor Memorial Fund will accept applications at any time (please refer to the application tab) from those meeting the basic criteria. The application will determine the type of grant awarded. These grants will consist of I-CAR Coupons, partial or full payment for industry training classes, or awards to attend industry events. Distribution of the awards will be based on meeting the basic criteria, the applicant’s needs, and quality of the application received.

March Taylor lived and worked in the trade; his life embodied the work done on the collision facility floor. The many donors to the March Taylor Memorial Fund came forward to benefit the technicians who toil daily within the rank and file. They are proud for March and every applicant of the scholarships provided through the Fund. 
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